Three Way Slam Latch

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Yellow ZP



  • This system uses standard end-latches together with a three way mechanism and separate connecting ‘ tapes’. In operation, the three slam bolts act together, and are withdrawn simultaneously as the handle rotates centre follow-bush.
  • ‘ Tapes’ are slotted to slip over attachment points on centre mechanism, with the other end left plain. This should be cut to desired size, and riveted to pierced bolt-pull of end latch. (A rivet and wave-washer is provided). End latches can be adjusted by screwing in bolt pull, and are fully reversible.
  • The assembly as shown is suited for a right-side door (outside handle turns clockwise to unlatch) but can be turned upside-down to fit left-side installation, in which case direction of handle rotation will be reversed.
  • Angle of movement, outside handle 40*. Yellow zinc-plated finish throughout. Bolt spring pressure: initial, 3kg, final 6kg.
  • The complete assembly of 3-18342 includes all items shown.
  • Latch is shown as mounted on inside of panel, usually on right-side doors.


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