Refrigeration Door Lock

Refrigeration Door Locks w/- Flush or Offset Striker

Refrigeration Door Lock

SKU: CT-1178, CT-1178/1 Categories:Refrigerator,Locks,Compartment Locks,Other Latches,Slam Locks


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Zinc Diecast



Chrome Plated



H=90mm – Offset Striker

H=50mm – Flush Striker

Chrome slam latch with offset striker adjustable in 2.5mm increments and inside release handle.


This latch is widely used for large size insulated enclosure, such as cold stores or containerised units, where a surface-mounted latch is preferable to avoid breaching the integrity of the door.


With slam action against a roller striker, this system can be used on doors flush fit against the frame or offset between 35-70mm height.


This lock comes with a glow-in-the-dark inside safety ‘punch’ handle for emergency release.


Product Code: CT-1178 – with Offset Striker

CT-1178/1 – with Flush Striker

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