Quarter Turn Lock - 8mm Square

Quarter Turn Lock

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Zinc Die-Cast



Chrome Plated



  • Vibrant Resistant
  • Assembled to IP 65/Nema 4
  • Complete with earth nut
  • Zinc die-cast housing CP
  • 32mm diameter x 18mm


Drive Inserts

QT18-3P: 3mm Double Bit
QT18-5P: 5mm Double Bit
QT18-7S: 7mm Square
QT18-7T: 7mm Triangle
QT18-8D: 8mm Square-Slotted
QT18-8S: 8mm Square
QT18-8T: 8mm Triangle
QT18-DS: Slotted


Fastener for any application requiring a quarter turn action to secure doors etc. The cam ‘snaps in’ at the open and closed positions, preventing unintentional opening of the fastener due to vibrations.

Please ask us for details if your application is not shown.


Product Code: QT18

Additional Information

Product Code

QT18-3P, QT18-5P, QT18-7S, QT18-7T, QT18-8D, QT18-8S, QT18-8T, QT18-DS