Heaters - Kinox 120.16.110

Heaters – Kinox 120.16.110

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Stainless Steel



Kinox, 24V 4 outlet.

If installed in the engine compartment, 2 air inlets are used to channel the drawn air from a healthy area.

Stainless steel casing

4 x Ø55mm connectors for air outlets

Supplied with 2 x Ø80mm connectors and 2 x 95×95 covers to cover unused holes


Calorific Power: 8600 Kcal/h

Heating Power: 10 kW

Air Flow: 520m3/h

Electrical Power: 180W

Noise: 69dB

Weight: 5.2kg

Water Connect: dia 16mm


Product Code: 120.16.110

Calorific Power: 8600 Kcal/h

Heating Power: 10 kW

Air Flow: 520 cubic m/h

Electrical Power: 180W

Noise: 69dB

Weight: 5.2kg

Water Connect: dia 16mm