Grease Grabber Grease stain remover

Grease Grabber Grease stain remover

Grease Grabber Grease stain remover

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Ready to use grease stain remover


Features & Benefits
 Safe product with very low odour. Contains no hazardous aromatic or chlorinated solvents.
 Effective on a wide range of stains, including perspiration, oil and food stains, grass, lipstick and ink.
 Safe to use on most carpets. Grease Grabber can be used on wool, silk, cottons, synthetics and blends.
 To be sprayed directly onto the stain from a Chemform atomiser spray.


Use Directions
Apply by spraying or swabbing directly to the stain. “Work” the stain from the edge towards the centre.
Blot up loosened stain with toweling rinse and blot or extract.
Important – Always test in obscure location for fibre and colour compatibility.


Environmental Statement
GREASE GRABBER is phosphate free
GREASE GRABBER is water saving
GREASE GRABBER is chlorine free
GREASE GRABBER uses recyclable packaging
Refer to the Environmental Guide section of our website for more information.
Grease Grabber is classified as HAZARDOUS according to the GHS criteria and is classified as a NON
DANGEROUS GOOD according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.
Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more information or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.


Product Code: GREASEGRAB/075