Flush Paddle Latch - Key Locking and Non Locking

Flush Paddle Latch – Key Locking and Non Locking

SKU: 9/00408 - 9/00418/01/IR Categories:Flush,Locks,Paddle Locks



Stainless Steel






9/00408 Non-locking

9/00418 Locking. ‘FS’ keys are standard.

9/00418/01 Keyed alike. Keyed FS 880.

9/00418/01/IR A knob for inside release can be fitted to all

slam-bolt models. This operates even when paddle has been locked from the outside. (Add suffix “IR to part number)


‘Paddles’ Slam-Bolt Models

The ‘paddle’ concept provides an attractive, fully self-contained lock/latch, which is flush fitting and simple to install. These are the basic slam-bolt models. In either pierced rim or with internal welded studs.


Product Code: 9/00408, 9/00418, 9/00418/01, 9/00418/01/IR

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