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FA-416A/WNGS Mechanical Suspension

The FA416 seat has been developed in Australia specifically to suit Railway Cab committee requirements and meet the rigorous demands of both Heavy Duty Application and Narrow gauge rail. Some of our current clientele are QR, QR National, Siemens and EDI Rail. The FA416 mechanical suspension driver’s seat has been specifically developed to minimise fatigue for long haul freight and city-train driver applications. Emphasis has been placed on giving optimum comfort, driver health and durability for situations where vehicles are in constant use.

Modifications include wider and longer seat cushions; protective back plate with instruction decal and colored control knobs and fire retardant vinyl trim.The FA416 is fitted with swivelling pedestal, armrest, headrest and dual lumbar support in addition to the standard features. It has been tested to the strength requirements of the Association of American Railroads Locomotive Cab Seats Standard S-504.


Technical Features:

Backrest adjustment to 50 degrees.

Lumbar support infinitely adjustable for depth and height.

Infinite height adjustment of 65mm (2.6in).

Fore/aft adjustment of 200mm (7.9in) in increment steps of 12mm (0.5in).

Seat recline adjustment from 2 degrees to 12 degrees.

Infinite weight adjustment 60-130kg (132lb – 287lb).

A comprehensive range of spare parts are available.

Options available are:

Heavy Duty Shock Absorber to cater for weight adjustment

range 80 – 165kgs (176lb – 364lb).

Extended Seat Slides

Short Armrests