Electronic Control Unit for Central Locking

Electronic Control Unit for Central Locking

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This electronic system consists of compatible components that allow for keyless entry for on or off road equipment.

This system is perfect for any vehicle that doesnt currently have central locking capabilities.

This unit comes with 22311-01 FOB as standard.

22316-01 unit will operate up to 60 control FOBs (remotes) and up to 20 door locks.

4 signals are emitted from each control FOB.


Examples of use could be:

1) Lock all

2) Unlock all

3) Operate Zone A or Lighting

4) Operate Zone B or Generator etc.


Installation instructions available upon request

Additional Information

Increased end user convenience

Easy and intuitive to operate

Increased vehicle security

Lighting and auxillary output control

Complete kit with wire harnesses and accessories

Standard 12V power

Use with:

36157-01 Actuator

19583-08 Lock

22676-10 Lock

29412-07 / 31703-05 Complete Lock

29790-04 / 15605-01 Complete Lock