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Drop T Lock with bent tongue DT120L-LH, 9-01513


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DT120L-LH —– Stainless Steel

9-01513 – Steel



DT120L-LH – Polished

9-01513 – ZP



  • DT120L-LH – LH K/A FS880
  • 9-01513 – LH K/A FS880
  • Polished die-cast ‘ hub’, and neoprene seal under stainless ‘cup’ washer for quality aesthetics,corrosion resistance and weatherproofing.
  • Lift handle to turn latch bar with 5mm cam-form, adjust through 12mm vertically.
  • Latch travels 90 degrees from centre (rest) position against stop, and is handed LH or RH (non-reversible).
  • Four holes in flanges at 7.5mm diameter. Latch bar is adjusted by 2 X M10 nuts.
  • Polished stainless steel with chrome handle and hub, or zinc plated mild steel. Optional black powder coat.


Product Codes: DT120L-LH, 9-01513


UES endeavours to maintain its reputation for high quality products. We have a substantial range of Drop T Lock’s which range in materials, finishes and features to ensure that you receive the ideal Drop T lock for your individual circumstance and need.

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9-01513, DT120L-LH