Drawer Slides - Heavy Duty Lockable

Drawer Slides – Heavy Duty Lockable

SKU: DSCHHD350MML - DSCHHD1900MML Categories:Drawer Slides,Lockable Drawer Slides


Drawer Slides are easy to install and available in various lengths to suit a range of applications. Perfect for tool boxes, caravans, industrial workstations, medical equipment and ute trays.

  • Easy to install
  • Additional ball bearings for a super smooth glide


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Safe Work Load (kg)


Lockable / Non lockable

Product Specification
Product Code Length (mm) SWL Lockable Price
dschhd1900mm 1900 70kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd900mml 900 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd900mm 900 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd850mml 850 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd850mm 850 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd800mml 800 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd800mm 800 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd750mml 750 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd750mm 750 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd700mml 700 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd700mm 700 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd650mml 650 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd650mm 650 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd600mml 600 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd600mm 600 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd550mml 550 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd550mm 550 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd500mml 500 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd500mm 500 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd450mml 450 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd450mm 450 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd400mml 400 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd400mm 400 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd350mml 350 200kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd350mm 350 200kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd1500mml 1500 150kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd1500mm kg Enquire Now
dschhd1400mm 1400 160kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd1300mm 1300 170kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd1200mml 1200 180kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd1200mm 1200 180kg NO Enquire Now
dschhd1000mml 1000 190kg YES Enquire Now
dschhd1000mm 1000 190kg NO Enquire Now