DP 515 Combined cleaner and sanitiser

DP 515 Combined cleaner and sanitiser


Combined cleaner and sanitiser
DP-515 is a heavy duty cleaner sanitiser incorporating chlorine. It is specially formulated for use in food
processing establishments, eg red meat, white meat, breweries, dairies, soft drink and fruit juice industries.
Product Specification
Appearance: Thin Yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.10
Flash Point: Nil
Odour: Chlorine
pH (1%): 11
Features and Benefits
 Combines in a single product, a cleaner and chlorine – the most efficient and safest disinfectant.
Surfaces treated with DP-515 are left clean and germ free.
 Excellent cleaning properties enables DP-515 to cut through animal grease and other difficult soils.
 DP-515 contains an inbuilt foam booster. DP-515 may be foamed onto surface using conventional
foam generating equipment.
 DP-515 is approved for use in registered export meat establishments.
DP-515 may be used in pre-cleaning prior to galvanising, in-place cleaning in food establishments,
pastueriser cleaning, foam cleaning, engine reconditioning, floor cleaning and paint stripping.
Use Directions
Manual Cleaning
Mix one part of DP-515 with 30 to 100 parts of warm water. Scrub area with brush and allow a few
minutes contact, then rinse with fresh water.
Foam Cleaning
Mix one part of DP-515 with 30-50 parts of water. Apply with appropriate foam generating equipment.
Allow foam to remain in contact for 3 – 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For special
applications consult your Chemform representative.

This product is CORROSIVE. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhaling spray mist.
DP-515 should NEVER be mixed with other chemicals as a dangerous reaction may occur. To maximise
shelf life, it is recommended that the product be kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
20L, 205L


Product Code: DP-515/20