Devour HD detergent disinfectant 20L

Devour HD detergent disinfectant 20L

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Heavy duty detergent disinfectant

Features & Benefits  Devour penetrates, break up and carries away animal fats, oils, grease and other common soils found in the food industry.  Very fast acting. Devour deals with even the most difficult soils really fast.  Contains long working alkali boosters and foaming agents which continue working long after products have stopped.  Devour actually kills a wide range of bacteria which cause disease or spoilage of foods.  Devour is a powerful deodorant which works by destroying bacteria that cause odours. It leaves no residual odour or perfume to taint food.  Devour is approved for use in registered export meat establishments.  The disinfectant and detergent properties of Devour are retained even in very hard water.

Production Specification

 Appearance: Red Liquid

 Odour: Nil

 Specific Gravity: 1.07

 pH (as received): 12.8

 pH (1% solution): 11.9

 Flash Point: Nil

 Solubility in water: Completely

Applications Devour finds use throughout food industry wherever there is need to remove heavy soiling, to disinfect and to kill odour causing bacteria in one operation. Floors, walls and equipment in the following industries are maintained by the use of Devour.

 Abattoirs

 Food processing establishments

 Boning Room

 Hospitals

 Cleaning of mincers and saws

 Pantechnicons

 Container Cleaning

 Pet food industry

 Fast food outlets

 Smallgoods manufacturers

Use Directions Devour may be used in many ways, the most successful are:

Foam Cleaning Apply by the appropriate foam generating equipment.

Manual Cleaning Mix one part of Devour with up to 50 parts of warm water. Scrub area with brush or stiff broom. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Pressure Cleaning Apply through high pressure washers for transport and food processing industry.

Rinse food product contacting surfaces with potable water after use.

Environmental Statement

 DEVOUR can be used with dispensing equipment for portion control

 DEVOUR is labour/energy saving

 DEVOUR is chlorine free

 DEVOUR uses recyclable packaging

 DEVOUR uses waste reduction packaging

Refer to the Environmental Guide section of our website for more information. Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more information or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.

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Product Code: DEVOUR/20