Clear 5L

Clear 5L

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Machine glass washing detergent
Description Clear is a low foam liquid detergent formulated especially for use in glass washing machines.

Features and Benefits  Can be used in all types of mechanical glass washing machines  Has exceptional cleaning powers – leaves glassware sparkling clean  Clear will not affect the head or foam retention of beer glasses

Use Directions Aquamatic Machines Dilute Clear 1:5 with water and add to detergent tank.

Dishlex Machine Use Clear at full strength and adjust machine to deliver 8ml per cycle.

Eswood Machines (Models CI and IW) Dilute Clear 1:3 with water and add to detergent tank.

Johnston Machines (Glassmaster, Junior and Universal models) Dilute Clear 3:1 with water and add to detergent tank.

Norris Machines (Models B, D, E, & E17) Dilute 1:1 with water.

Models G & F. Use Neat.

Safety Information Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.
Packages 2x5L, 20L



Product Code: CLEAR/5