Chlorsan 5L


Disinfectant, destainer and bleach concentrate.
Mixing Instructions
Always dispense, measure, mix and use this product in clean plasticware. Never use stainless steel, mild
steel, brass, aluminium or any other metal for this purpose.
Use Directions
 Sanitising equipment in food processing areas and kitchens: Use 2 mL per litre of water.
 Sanitising chopping boards, bench tops and refrigerators. Wash utensils then sanitise with 10 mL
Chlorsan per 5 litres of water.
 Removing stains from crockery: Soak in a solution containing 50 to 100 mL per 5 litres of water for
approximately 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Chlorsan will remove tea, coffee, fruit juice, wine and
blood stains.
 For removing mould in shower recesses and other damp areas: Dilute 100 mL of Chlorsan with 300 mL
of water. Spray on and watch mould disappear.
 To remove black algae from tile grouting, use 100 mL of Chlorsan per litre of water. Brush solution
onto surface, leave for half an hour then brush off dead algae.
 Toilet disinfectant: 10 to 20 mL per 5 litres of water.
 Disinfecting and controlling odours in drains. Use 100 mL per 5 litres of water.
 For chlorinating rain-water tanks: In clarified water, use 80 mL per 5,000 litres. Check free chlorine
concentration regularly.
 Fruit and Vegetable Washing.: Chlorsan is a food grade (sodium hypochlorite) solution containing
12.5% available chlorine (at time of manufacture). Washing raw produce with chlorine has been
shown to reduce the number of contaminating microorganisms. Food authorities recommend that all
fruits and vegetables be washed clean with potable water and then sanitized by soaking in a solution
of 100ppm free chlorine. This is achieved by making a solution of 8mL of Chlorsan per 10 litres of
potable water. Then add washed produce, agitate to ensure all surfaces are wet and air bubbles are
removed and soak for 5 minutes. Do not rinse if the final chlorine residue in the final product is at or
below 1ppm free chlorine (maximum residue set by the Australian and NZ Food Standards Code 1.3.3).


Product Code: CHLORSAN/5