Chlor-Clean is a powerful and effective 2-in-1 cleaner and disinfectant.

Chlor-Clean will achieve Hospital Grade Disinfection in a single-step by providing a detergent and disinfectant in the one product.  This single-step process will halve the time required to clean and disinfect. Chlor-Clean delivers 1000ppm of available Chlorine per tablet when hospital grade disinfection is required. Chlor-Clean is used for the following:

Untitled-1    Here are 5 good reasons to use Chlor-Clean:

1: Efficiency –  One-step clean and disinfect process halves the time taken
to perform your disinfection process, saving you money!

2: Simplicity & Accuracy – One tablet in one litre of water produces a consistent 1000ppm when
hospital grade disinfection is required.

3: Safety – Chlor-Clean is a pH neutral product which is safer for your staff to
handle and the tablet preparation reduces the risk of exposure.

4: Effectiveness – Chlor-Clean is listed by the TGA as a hospital grade disinfectant.

5: Service – Training, equipment & support is available on an ongoing basis.
Making the change to Chlor-Clean is easy!

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