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Centaflex Continuous Hinge

Centaflex Continuous Hinge – 3m length in Black



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2231/030 – 3m length.


Self adhesive moulding. Extrusion has been specifically designed to continue the low hinge profile along the full length of the application, thus enhancing the vehicle’s appearance. An established concept in hinge design, Centaflex is a stylish, one piece, continuous hinge developed taking full advantage of the latest advances in new materials and manufacturing technology.


The membrane of the Centaflex hinge is a flexible resin comprising of a patented blend of polyester elastomers combining the high strength of engineering resins with excellent flexibility.The result is that the Centaflex hinge has an excellent flex-life at temperatures ranging from -40C to 50C


During the manufacturing process; co-extruded rigid P.V.C profiles are fused togther with the molten, Centaflex hinge membrane creating an extremely strong and resilient hinge. For example a one metre length fitted horizontally has a S.W.L of 100kgs.


Centaflex is a well designed hinge offering many advantages over conventional continuous hinges currently available. Just look at the list of features Centaflex hinges offers.

– Durable – tested to over 50,000 operating cycles.

– Secure – interlocking profile when closed.

– Maintenance free.

– Aesthetically pleasing-low exterior profile.

– Concealed fixings.

– Easy to fit.

– Weatherproof continuous seal.

– Corrosion resistant.

– U.V light stabilised.

– Excellent flex life.

– Competitively priced

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 3 mm