Battery Connectors

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QP/45069 – Tin Plated

QP/45415 – Stainless Steel plated


Product Definition: The quick power battery connectors are heavy-duty products equivalent to those designed for permanent connection.


Product Benefits: The battery can be easily disconnected and moved ashore for charging.

In humid climates the battery may discharge when not in continual use. To prevent this, disconnect it.

Boat batteries are often located in very confined spaces making installation difficult. Quick power connectors effectively solve this problem.

The connectors also serve as a safe and reliable master switch.

The plastic cover eliminates the risk of electric shock. This insulation fulfils legal requirements.

Quick Power connectors are designed to accommodate jump cables while connected to the battery.


Product Applications: Boats, as well as trailers, motor homes, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, laboratories, solar cells, road work illumination, emergency lighting etc.


Material: tin-plated (12 microns) brass, 316 stainless steel, polypropylene.

Weight: 170g per pair

Batteries: Fit all SAE marine batteries (re-cycle batteries). Max. 800 amp.

Patent: The operation, design and name of this product are protected by patents in most countries.


Product Code: QP/45069, QP/45415

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Product Code

QP/45069, QP/45415