Acoustic Material

Acoustic Material

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Polyurethane Foam



High Mass Vinyl Barrier – Mylar Face


High Mass Vinyl Barrier – Aluminium Foil Face


DECI-FOAM is an ignition retardant polyether polyurethane foam with a tough tear resistant p Mass Vinyl barrier olyurethane film facing. The facing is applied by a patented process which optimises flow resistivity and maximises the sound absorption.

DECI-FLEX is a composite sandwich material comprising of a flexible high mass noise barrier,laminated between two layers of flexible acoustic foam. It increases transmission loss and provides sound absorption

The outer layer provides mechanical protection and decoration. It is impermeable to contamination by dust, oil liquids and sprays.

Acoustic and sound barrier products are available in a variety of different materials. This is small sample of stock available off the shelf.

Product Code: DCM25-5-06-137240, DCALR25-5-137240

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