39 Series
39 Series

39 Series

the UES 39 series is an air suspended seat with a spearate suspension system. The excellent comfort of the seat combined with its great flexibility and extra robust suspension system means that even drivers in the most challenging environments can work in a comfortable working environment for long periods.

The ability to separate the seat upper from the suspension means the seat is able to be moved and repaired easily. This is important in rail or machinery applications.

A large range of options and accessories mean that the seat can be adapted to different requirements, and the option of fitting the satŠ—Ès control panel to either side or the front edge of the seat make the adjustments user-friendly.

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• 180kg operator weight rating

• 400mm fore and aft adjustment

• Cushion length adjustment and easy removal

• Dual air lumbar

• Air operated slide rails

• 640mm back rest with adjustable head rest

• Unitised seat upper and suspension


• 4-way headrest

• Armrests

• hbc back

• electric heating

• air vent

• seat cushion (extra thick)

• Foam with extra side support

• 3-point belt w/height adjustment

• 2 point belt

• reinforced slide rails

• micro-switch

• vibration indicator

• EN455545 Certification

• built-in compressor

• leather cover

• air-controlled slide rails

• side support & shoulder support