26 Series

26 Series


SKU: 2600 Categories:Driver Seats,Air Suspension


An air-suspended driver seat with controls for the stepless weight independent height adjustment and for quick discharge.

26-serie is suitable for buses, trucks, rail way traffic and can be equipped for demanding environments. The model has function and

technique combined with design. The ergonomic and flexible seat comfort is adjusted by means of simple, clearly marked controls

mounted in an unobtrusive control panel. The air-controlled lumbar support is in two parts, which will give quick and easy adjustment.

This series of seats can be without seatbelt or with 3-point seatbelt, on the right or left side.

2600 is a standard air-suspended seat with lumbar support adjustable seat cushion, adjustable shock absorber, protective bellow and

slide rails.



The seat can be equipped with heating elements in seat cushion and backrest, headrest, armrests, alarm contacts and

different types of bases.