Dishbrite Manual dishwashing liquid

Dishbrite Manual dishwashing liquid


Manual dishwashing liquid

Features and Benefits

 DISHBRITE has been formulated for fast economical and effortless cleaning of dishes.

 DISHBRITE leaves a clean, fresh smell.

 DISHBRITE is a neutral product. It will not damage painted surfaces or irritate the users skin.

 DISHBRITE may be used in most domestic or industrial applications with confidence.

 Excellent rinsing properties. Surfaces cleaned with DISHBRITE dry to a streak free and brilliant finish.

 Safe for septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants, will not affect aerobic activity in industrial settling ponds and will not be detrimental to marine life when used in accordance with label directions.

Use Directions For best results use DISHBRITE in warm water
Light Duty Cleaning 40mL per 10 litres of water.
Medium Duty Cleaning 65mL per 10 litres of water.
Heavy Duty Cleaning 100mL per 10 litres of water.
Rinse surfaces with fresh water after cleaning operations.

Safety Information Refer to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more information or consult your Chemform representative for further information.

Packages 5L, 20L
**This product Is Kosher Certified

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