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Alex Zanda – About

Our Story

Since 1904 UES (INTL) PTY LTD has developed an international reputation as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial and transportation hardware solutions. It was 2004 and UES was celebrating our centenary year in business. I was introduced to Johan Naess the Norwegian designer and founder of Tecnoseat.  Tecnoseat was a small company manufacturing elastomeric seating primarily for the marine industry and operating out of Western Sydney. Having come from a creative background I was immediately attracted to Tecnoseat because of the uniqueness of the product- there was something very distinctive about the design, comfort and feel of the seats. This was not just another seat. On August the 2nd 2004 UES acquired Tecnoseat. OK… so immediately we began operating under the banner of UES SEATING. We leveraged UES resources to develop and expand the range of products, successfully acquired additional industry certifications, significantly invested in advanced computer and CNC machinery and prototyping technology… if you want be the best… you have to invest!!! Johan continues to work alongside the UES design and engineering team and we have strived to create a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere focused on making the impossible possible! I can tell you, sometimes sparks fly… but its all good!  Is anything really creative without passion?! Im proud to say in recent years UES SEATING has won significant local and international contracts.

The story progressed and we began to receive overwhelming support and encouragement to focus our attention on creating a specific range of seats for the wellness and healthcare markets. People kept saying “These seats feel so… right!” This happened again and again… Alex Zanda is the amalgamation of our design, engineering and manufacturing resources with the guidance and collaboration of medical practitioners scientific research.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the results. In my daily life I often struggle to juggle all the exciting to do lists I set for myself; yet our seats are simple, clean, uncluttered… stripped back to the essence.  Perhaps something to aspire to in a wonderful but sometimes hectic and chaotic world. I hope we can play an important role in your story…




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